Aaargh Injury

Gyming last night I felt “something go” in my ankle during a particularly long session of “jumping jacks” (remember those…?). It’s painful today. It’s the ankle. It could be the achilles, but I don’t know. I set off for work this morning with the good intention of going back to the gym tonight and I’m sorry to say, I’m now cancelling. I ought to rest it. It pains me to say that. It distresses me no end that I’m not exercising again this week.

So, for you sceptics out there – yes, I am giving in and listening to my “body”. (ooh, get me ;-))

Volunteer, break, new career?

I got some news last night that someone from our PR agency is leaving work following a “life-changing” experience. At first I was a little bit stunned by the news, more from a professional point of view than anything else, until I read up on one of the things this person has been involved in.

I’ve read all about it today…and it’s raised questions in my mind. I’ve done volunteer work before and found it rewarding (during a year break from work) – but a complete new career based on a worthy cause…that’s something else.

Food for thought…