Anyone for darts?

Saturday night we went to an impromptu Birthday party at a friend’s house. We ate, drank, chatted and then played darts… It was such a laugh. I spent this morning trying to work out where, if anywhere I could put a dart board in my house… It’s not going to happen, but it’s a nice idea! Maybe one day when I get a different house…

I remember as a kid we had a dart board in the garage…I played a lot as a child – both at home and in the pub that my parents had a share in.

Good fun!

We also played Singstar – two of our party get very competitive with one another. It’s very funny to see such mild mannered people become so aggressive over a game…!

3bts – for a change, Oyster Bay, pressies

1. At lunch time today we went to M & S, just for a change and just because we can. It was a quick trip there and back and I enjoyed my yummy salad!

2. Oyster Bay chardonnay is very drinkable… Not being a fan of chardonnay, I was most distressed at having a half case of this stuff lying around the house. Last night we opened a bottle to “try” and between us, drank the bottle. Nods of approval around the room…

3. An early birthday present yesterday. Lovely to unpack the boxes and put everything in the rightful places…even if only for a short time until I rearrange.