The PC Debate

I have a laptop for work, not too long ago I stopped taking it home every evening. The main reasons for this are to do with the amount of time we spend doing work stuff in the evening dominating the agenda… I do have a laptop at home though – my trusty, old, wreck of a thing. It’s an old Dell, a very small laptop – think it was called an X300, or something, very light, and cool to use. I’ve had it forever, or so it seems. It’s been rebuilt more times than I care to remember…and recently, as I’ve been doing more stuff with the camera, Photoshop and other stuff, I’ve noticed a lack of performance…

So, do I replace it now, before it dies? Or do I replace it once it’s gone to the big computer graveyard (aka the dump)…?
And, if I replace it, what on earth do I buy? I want something with a decent amount of memory to be able to do the Photo stuff. I don’t want anything intrusive or ugly, and I want a big screen this time (not 15″ TFT which is what I have now). I’d like a Mac… 🙂 But, I dont’ think I can actually justify it. And, I have PC software sitting on my bookshelf – I’d have to start from scratch.  I would also like a laptop, but that’s a silly notion if I’m going to do more stuff with the photography…

Do I go for a Dell? An HP? Acer? Mesh? What’s the best deal at the moment? With a million and one deals out there – changing every day – it’s difficult to know what to do. For now, I’ll keep looking and listening when people tell me what they think. And, maybe I’ll take the plunge…


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