Fat Cat

So, with the cats on reduced amounts of food for some time to reduce their weights…the news is “she” lost half a kilo and “he” gained half a kilo. The Fat Cat got fatter and the Skinny cat got skinnier. How on earth do you put two cats in the same house on a diet successfully without one of them just eating the other cat’s food?

“She” is ok – but skinny – and needs dental food from now she is getting older. “He” is ok, just fat and needs to be on light food – he needs to lose a kilo.
You put dental food down for her and light for him – he eats the dental food and leaves the light. You feed them in seperate rooms and they don’t eat. I have already cut them down to one pouch between them and stopped the neighbour feeding him…

I’m going to have to rename him to “Bagpuss – saggy old cloth cat” if he doens’t stop getting fat!

3bts – wake up, snow, achievement

1. Two days in a row, I’ve turned over, switched off the alarm and gone back to sleep. Waking up naturally (OK, late!) has been lovely for a change.

2. Anticipating a snow fall and remembering the snow of my youth – growing up in “the Glen” there was always plently of snow at this time of year.

3. Two weeks in a row I’ve set myself targets and have over-achieved on them (at WW). I’m really pleased! If this carries on I’ll be back to where I want to be four weeks early!