More Body Balance

I did “Body Balance” last night again. It’s a fantastic class. The instructor is very good, she’s been teaching it for quiet a while, so she’s very flexible, and easy to follow. The current release is new – I think it was a New Year release – it’s release 39. It’s good, but it’s not as good as some of the earlier releases. I still go back to release 17 as my all time favourite, closely followed by 16 and then 15! There are some good moves in this release – and the standing strength is particularly taxing, even for us “advanced Balancers”. But, the most challenging move in this one, is the splitz… Yep, it’s challenging ok. But, it’s really really good to see the week on week improvements that the class brings to one’s flexibility. My gym features a few Body Balance classes, but only two in the evening. In order to really see the benefits – you should do this class a minimum of twice a week. Years ago I took a year out from work to do some volunteer work, travel etc. and I found myself at the gym doing as many as four Body Balance classes per week!

 Check out Les Mills Training for more details –

The best time to do one of these classes is after a good gym session or after a good aerobic workout. It focuses the mind and enables you to stretch, relax and unwind.


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