Monday morning

The weekend was quiet. BF is still recovering from pneumonia (yes, not the flu, or man flu), so a walk in the country park was our mid-afternoon activity. I was too congested to even think about the advanced aerobics class on Saturday morning, and too short of breath to run…so a walk was a great compromise. Funnily enough, my calf muscle is sore today… 

Yesterday, I did other things to keep me busy – I painted the cloakroom. It’s gone from a dirty green to a bright green…not sure I’m keen on the colour, but it’s a huge improvement on what was there (it probably hadn’t been painted in 20 years). I’m now full of enthusiasm for getting the rest of the painting done. The only problem I have is that the paint fumes have a detrimental effect on my nose, breathing and sinus’ – so we’ll see how I go!

Monday morning at the office…what joy will today bring?


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