No exercise

…since Tuesday and boy do I feel it! I’m hoping that my cold has lessened somewhat so that I can go to “Hi-lo” tomorrow AM – otherwise it will be Monday before I get back to the gym.

I did venture out yesterday, but only to Weight Watchers. I felt terrible. I did manage to lose a pound and a half – which is good, but I do need to exercise. We had some great weight losses during the class – something you expect at this time of year. Lots of new members, and lots of returning new members. I’m sure there’s a term for people who join in January but quit after they lose a few pounds, or after a slight gain. It’s a shame they don’t stick it out. When I lost my weight (63lbs) I plateau’d for 16 weeks – playing with the same pound on, pound off the whole time. I thought about giving up, about the expense of it, about what the “weighers” thought of me staying the same despite sticking religiously to the plan – but I didn’t leave. I stuck with it. I had a week away with work and thought – “I’ll do my own thing this week and get straight back to it when I got home”. That week I lost 6lb in one week. I needed a shake up. I’d gotten into a routine at home…and so I got stuck. I’m glad I stayed with it. I’m glad I still go. OK – so I am a “weigher” now, but I think I would still go to keep me on track. We have one lady who’s been with Weight Watchers for over 12 years – and has been at goal during that time. She still comes once a month to get weighed. She’s an inspiration to others! 

Me? I will be focussing for the next few days to make sure this cold goes. Then I’ll get back to the gym and get my self moving again. WFH again today – it’s nice to not worry about other people getting sneezed on! 


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