Hard work

Why is it some people are such hard work on the phone? I had one of those calls this morning that left me wondering whether I said the wrong thing/called at the wrong time/whether my existence is a bother…

I work with some great people – but this particular trait in one of them is rather irksome. I never get off the phone and feel good. I talked to another colleague about it and he feels the same. Phew! So, it’s not just me then…

It does make me question my manner on the phone though and whether I’m as polite as possible even when I’d rather be elsewhere or talking to someone else.

How we communicate today is largely influenced by how we communicate in our business lives. People who sit opposite send an email rather than walk over to talk to you…the person on the floor above IMs you, and you get email in place of a phonecall from contacts outside the building. The rise and rise of social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo are having a dramatic effect on communication methods too. As I was thinking about this today, I found the following blog about someone’s “Engagement Announcement”…


See what he says about his preferred communication method and why…

As for my preferences…call me!


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