Weight watchers bonus points

Tonight I did a high intensity aerobics class…the normal Tuesday class, but our instructor was a woman on a mission…or so it seemed. I checked the “PointsBooster” tonight when I got back and worked out that I earned 7pts for tonight’s class. Wow! I keep my heart rate high by jogging, skipping and jumping and so, on reflection 7pts actually seems like it’s fair.

That’s my second trip to the gym this week – I’ve got my third planned for Saturday AM. another “Hi-Lo” class – unless I can squeeze in a run on Thursday after WW. Unfortunately, I’m feeling a bit grotty, possibly the start of a cold. The rebel in me says “go on, push yourself, sweat it out at the gym” – where the other part of me says “listen to your own advice and do what you tell others, give in to it”. I guess we’ll see in the morning.

 The Asics were fine tonight – guess it was a sock problem after all. Still not as comfy as my Mizunos, but I wouldn’t dream of doing aerobics in those!


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