Over the Weekend

It’s been an interesting weekend. I had lots of plans for doing decorating and doing domestic stuff, but knew that might not happen. My boyfriend has had a really bad bout of flu and it’s still lingering. He’s got no energy, food just doesn’t appeal and he’s having trouble sleeping etc. All the typical flu symptoms…real flu, not man flu.

I helped out with various things he needed to deal with this weekend and it’s been really good fun. The worst bit has been seeing him so “flat”. I’m hoping desperately that he’s on the mend tomorrow and that he’s turned the corner.

His boys were fantastic – they were well behaved, happy and full of the mischief that little boys are! We had fun at the park, running around playing “tig” and being very silly. It’s a shame that the weather let us down!

Oh well, back to work tomorrow.

P.S. So much running around that it was a good way of exercising!


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