First Hi-Lo class of the year

I went to “hi-lo” last night – first time this year.  In the changing room I met an unusually chatty lady – who said to me “This is going to hurt so much”… We both had a bit of a laugh about the fact we’d not done the class since December (due to colds, flu, chest infection) and then headed off to the studio. It didn’t hurt. It was really good fun. The instructor – Caroline – is ever-so-slightly mad, but it was a great class. She was so into the new routine, that “gliding” (or whatever it’s called) only got a three-minute slot as she wanted to do the routine again.

 The club itself was packed last night. New Year, new year’s resolutions and “festive fat” means that people have turned up in large numbers to make use of the facilities and get the most of their club membership. I know from previous years that this trend lasts until March, when peoples’ enthusiasm wanes…school holidays take precedence and better weather means people head for the pub after work. I’m looking forward to lesser numbers in the “hi-lo” class if only to prevent me having to look back before I run backwards…

Despite the number of people in the gym, I didn’t have to queue for a treadmill…which is great news. Tonight is “Body Step” – will try that and see how I get on. Might have to get some new aerobic/cross trainers, as my toes got rather bashed around last night…(Yes I know I’ve got new running shoes, but they are for running, not aerobics). 


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