Man Flu vs The Flu

It’s one of the great mysteries in life. Men get a cold they call it flu. Women get flu they call it a cold and brush it off, don’t give in and feel damn guilty about taking a bit of time for themselves. I’ve always been sceptical of people saying “I’ve got flu”, because until you’ve really had flu, you don’t know.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend has got flu, real flu – not man flu. He’s really sick. It’s full blown aching until he feels sick, headache, sneezes, burning eyes flu. I feel so bad for him. He also feels guilty about not working…that’s not a good thing. He needs to sleep, take paracetamol, eat when he has appetite and sleep more. We work in an office of seven people, it’s inevitable that others will get sick too. There are already two suffering…who’s next?

To ward off anything I’m off to the gym tonight for the first time this year. Not sure whether to do the full-blown hi-lo aerobics class or just run. All I know is that I need to get back to the 3+ times per week I was doing prior to the chest infection.

 Healthy bunch, aren’t we?


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