Driving home for Christmas

Yesterday I made the drive North…I left early, very early in the morning in the middle of thick, freezing fog. It was really cold. I got to Southwaite Services on the M6 in good time after a relatively good run. Southwaite was busy, snow on the ground, and still around freezing. The journey was ok – apart from idiots who don’t know how to use fog lights…they just switch ’em on and leave ’em! Aaaaaaargh. Blinded by the light…

Someone, somewhere needs to have a helpful guide to using fog lights for those that are in doubt! And then, there needs to be a lesson for those people who sit in the middle lane all day – oblivious to the queues of traffic behind them… Or those idiots still driving the car with a mobile phone in one hand!! There has been a suggestion that there will be a jail sentence for drivers holding mobile phones while driving…as long as it’s enforced!

That said, I got home safely after a good run. I managed to avoid a 15-mile tail back on the A9 by coming through a very icy Sma’ Glen. The scenery was stunning, trees still frosted and a light dusting of snow on the ground. I didn’t pass a car between Crieff and Amulree – so had the road to myself… 😀

Arriving at the house was interesting – my car is rear wheel drive so negotiating the drive was good fun. I ended up driving up “crab style”… The “skidding” lights were on the dash to let me know the wheels were spinning  (very helpful, of course ;-)) and I knew it could be trouble. My sister was yelling at me to get the car off the ice…easy to do when the car’s not as low in the front as mine…

Got here though, had a good night’s sleep last night. I spent today catching up with stuff and tomorrow buying last minute bits before the celebrations begin!

One thought on “Driving home for Christmas

  1. I’m with you there! 🙂 Driving to Skye was the same but add frozen lochs, burns and waterfalls. What a beautiful country I live in.

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