3bts – Christmas feeling, breakfast, friends

1. I’ve got that Christmas feeling and I’m inflicting it on the two others in the office today. I’m playing a “Playlist” of 191 Christmas themed songs from my iPod – on the office speakers! Lol.

2. I had a breakfast meeting this morning, and while I knew the breakfast wouldn’t be the most healthy kind – I still waited to eat and I really enjoyed something completely different. And, yes, it was naughty, and I dread to think of the WW points 😦 but it made me smile.

3. A spooky experience just made me smile. My phone rang – it was my sister calling – but when I answered the phone it was an old school friend at the end of the line. It was great to hear her voice (it’s been a long time), but weird, as I had apparently managed to call her work line and didn’t even know I had her work number! In the meantime my sister left me a message!! Weird and fantastic all at the same time.


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