Hi-lo and gliding – part II

I went to the class again last night and had another laugh (mainly at myself).

The moves were even more complicated last night, but as the instructor kept making the first mistake, I didn’t worry too much. I was more concerned by how dizzy “the helicopter” spinning made me feel. I worked hard though – and felt good afterward. For the most part I kept working hard enough to raise my heart reate into the 65% plus range (actually, it was higher than that for most of it). I’m happy to have gone to the class again – even if at the end I didn’t manage to use the hula hoop for the longest in the class :0)

Apparently “hula hooping” is an up and coming craze for fitness…erm…how many children will get hoops for Christmas so that mums (and dads) can practice between fitness classes?

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