Hi-lo and gliding – part II

I went to the class again last night and had another laugh (mainly at myself).

The moves were even more complicated last night, but as the instructor kept making the first mistake, I didn’t worry too much. I was more concerned by how dizzy “the helicopter” spinning made me feel. I worked hard though – and felt good afterward. For the most part I kept working hard enough to raise my heart reate into the 65% plus range (actually, it was higher than that for most of it). I’m happy to have gone to the class again – even if at the end I didn’t manage to use the hula hoop for the longest in the class :0)

Apparently “hula hooping” is an up and coming craze for fitness…erm…how many children will get hoops for Christmas so that mums (and dads) can practice between fitness classes?

New phone – HTC – TyTnii

No, I didn’t get an iPhone, although I would love one. I got an “htc TyTnII” with built in GPS receiver. Orange used to OEM htc kit as their SPV range, but now they offer htc under its own branding.  The phone is cool – the GPS implementation is good and much easier than carrying around a bluetooth GPS receiver as well as a phone, and it syncs easy with Outlook – meaning I can really get all my office stuff, if I want to. I don’t want to have ActiveSync pushing my work email to the phone all the time – so I’m glad I can switch that on and off with the greatest of ease. I dont’ want to become addicted to checking my email at every opportunity. It is useful for those times when I’m not in the office though…And I have personal email available at the touch of a button. The keyboard is cool, as is the fact the screen flips around when you use it and the tilted display is helpful when it’s on the desk. Connection to my WiFi at home was without problem, as was downloading Skype for mobile. I’m impressed.

The downside: it’s big, bulky and heavy. It’s not pink. The standard ring tones are awful. There’s no text to speech, so making calls by voice-dialling is dependent on you having pre-recorded a voice tag. And battery life isn’t great, especially using Wi-Fi, GPS or playing any of the games.

Overall, it’s a thumbs up from me.