Hi-Lo and Gliding

I did an aerobics class last night – it was a “Hi-Lo with Gliding for Intermediate Fitness” and it was fun…although a little too much choreography in the middle for most of us! It was comical to see the lady next to me furiously typing into her Blackberry before the class began…and then writing on her hands “must pay congestion charge”… The things we do.

Unlike most places we go to exercise, my club is friendly, not too full of plastics, and has real people. the Blackberry lady and I chatted for a while about the class – trying to work out what it would be like as neither of us had been to this one before.

The instructor was great – full of energy for her routine – and full of complicated dance moves just designed to make us trip up. Luckily, she saw the funny side as half the room went one way, half the other way. Then came the gliding…I’d never heard of it, but apparently it’s taken off in the US… I found an article on it this morning


It was interesting to say the least. Sliding your feet across the floor…doesn’t sound like exercise, but it is. I’ll give the class another go – next week – I’ve already planned to meet Blackberry lady again so we’ll see.

*Took the inhaler just before the class and it was fine – I was able to breathe all the way through. 🙂


It’s finally happened. M finally admitted her feelings to the doctor who explained what she is feeling is depression. Not that I wanted to hear this – but it’s what we’ve all known for a while. She’s been down, depressed, tired, tearful etc. for some time, but just wouldn’t or couldn’t see a way of dealing with it or admitting her true feelings. I’m not sure how she ended up with an appointment for the doctor (she doesn’t like going), but I’m glad she did. Perhaps her pride – she’s a very strong woman – perhaps realisation that she isn’t invincible and that she has to spend time thinking of herself? Or was it something else?

How do you help someone in this scenario – someone that won’t admit to there being a problem? Is it best to let them realise it can’t go on?
There was a good documentary a while ago, but I missed it. I just hope that it will be repeated… Stephen Fry was the interviewer in the documentary and was frank about his experiences with manic depression…