Running in the cold & wet

Those of you who know me well, know I don’t do cold and wet and nor do I do mud. My friend G will remember a spectacular Hogmanay week away when I fell in a rather large bog and was covered in mud… For me it was not amusing, but for others most hilarious. So, at a time of year where the nights have closed in, the rain just forms a fine but constant drizzle and the temperature barely reaches six degrees – I’m avoiding the country park as it is muddy, very muddy. Weekend walking in the park is also muddy. So, it’s gym time. I’m still having to use my inhalers mid-run, which is something that frustrates me to the core, but at least I’m running – admittedly, not often enough, but I am still running. (That reminds me, I need to change the songs on my Shuffle).

I have to say that I admire those friends who venture into the cold and wet (and mud) every weekend. Thanks to those who blog about their adventures…

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