Bored at work…

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about boredom in the workplace. I was talking from the point of view of what to do when things are not working out and you’re no longer challenged (or doing things you dislike – grrrr)…but, after our discussion I realised he was talking about how to fill his day if management didn’t offer challenges…

On looking into this further, I discovered a selection of websites dedicated to alleviating boredom in the workplace – by providing distractions, games, videos etc. I’m amazed as I was expecting self-help sites on finding ways to manipulate your role, changing career, or attaining job satisfaction…but no…check out these links: –  all you need to get you through the toil of 9-5

www.atworkandbored.comIm bored at work things to do when your bored: funny Joe Webb Cartoons, Jokes, Games etc

www.bored.comWhen you have nothing better to do, visit

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