Bored at work…

I recently had a conversation with a good friend about boredom in the workplace. I was talking from the point of view of what to do when things are not working out and you’re no longer challenged (or doing things you dislike – grrrr)…but, after our discussion I realised he was talking about how to fill his day if management didn’t offer challenges…

On looking into this further, I discovered a selection of websites dedicated to alleviating boredom in the workplace – by providing distractions, games, videos etc. I’m amazed as I was expecting self-help sites on finding ways to manipulate your role, changing career, or attaining job satisfaction…but no…check out these links: –  all you need to get you through the toil of 9-5

www.atworkandbored.comIm bored at work things to do when your bored: funny Joe Webb Cartoons, Jokes, Games etc

www.bored.comWhen you have nothing better to do, visit


Lots of people belong to networking groups, Facebook, I guess, could be considered one…but for those of us not in our teen years…is there any value for our career from this social networking phenomenon??

At a time where I am trying to ensure my “network” is active and working the way it should, I’m curious about the social networking sites and whether they are useful or not. So far not to me, but as I log in once a week, that’s not surprising. I see it more as a fun thing. Some of my friends see it as annoying. Others are addicted and spend many hours on there.

LinkedIn, PlaxoPulse, Facebook, Bebo…and many others – where will it stop? And how many can we all deal with?