I’m curious…does anyone think that Christmas (or rather various retail outlets) are out of control? We’re going down a very very dangerous route. It’s the first week of November and the world’s gone “Christmas-mad”. Queues for shopping centre carparks, madness at the checkout, and children screaming “I want…” like it is going out of fashion.

The thing that I find most puzzling is the “Christmas Wish List” – online. Don’t get me wrong, I see the benefits of doing the Christmas shopping online (see first paragraph for the reasons why) – but keeping a wish list to distribute to family and friends seems a bit cold and calculating and not remotely festive? Is this what we have to expect from future Christmas’??

Where’s the paper list that goes up the chimney?

Bah Humbug!!

(Actually I love Christmas, but I think we’re in danger of losing the spirit of what the season is about).