Stereophonics – At the Brighton Centre


Support act was “The Enemy”, but we didn’t watch/listen or turn up in time to give an opinion…

Stereophonics – fantastic! Kelly singing on stage, on his own, with just his guitar for company – not to be missed.
The drummer, the two other guitarists and Kelly played extremely well and was an evening not to be missed. On stage by 21:00 and off at 22:45 – it was a decent night’s gig, complete with broken string on the base guitar and such enthusiastic drumming he stripped to the waist.

I recommend you go see them, if you get the chance.

On another note…the Brighton Centre is a great venue. Small enough to be fun, large enough to have decent acoustics and easy to get to. What more could you want? With no smoking throughout venues today – there’s even more reason to get out and enjoy some live music.