Long time no blog?

Since we got back from holiday, there’s been little time to blog. Or little to blog about, other than what’s going on at work and to be honest, I’m sick of hearing myself talk about that!!

So, other stuff that’s going on…it’s Christmas shopping time. Yes, seven weeks to go – I hate to say it, but it really is that soon. This year, I’ll be doing most of my Christmas shopping online for no other reason, than the madness has started in the shops already. My boyfriend calls it “siege mentality” (mental!). Yes it definitely is! I’m busy stacking lists of things to buy and “saving for later” (we all know which website that one is). I’ve picked out gifts for my sister, my dad and boyfriend. Mum wants a case of wine – yes – and a portrait of my sister and I… I already got my youngest god-daughter a present. So that leaves various friends, stocking fillers and my dear old Gran.

Yes, my gran – what to do?
She wants for nothing…suffers with allergies so can’t have too much chocolate or sweets, nor can she have any toiletteries that are perfumed etc. Last year, as in many years, I bought her lots of the little bits that make her smile – puzzle books, tapestries, and photos for her to keep in her room. She doesn’t read much anymore. And she’s deaf so video’s and DvDs are not great. This year, I’ve discovered a website that might help:

Check it out…

I’ve also been typing up stories from her youth – those that I remember being told. There are gaps in detail, but I thought it might be a nice project for her to work on with my mum. If I prepare the folders for her – print out the detail and let Gran fill out some of the missing bits… It will form a nice record of Gran’s history. I would also like to spend some time with her, picking out photos, that I can scan, Photoshop and include in the document.

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