Back to the gym

Asthma has not let up – peak flow is still terrible – so running outside is a bit of an issue while the air temperature is so low. I’m back at the gym. Running on the treadmill feels like a bit of a cop out…not quite the same as running through the heathland, or on dirt tracks – up and down the hills. Pressing the incline button just doesn’t have the same attraction. But, I’m enjoying Body Balance again. I’ve been doing this exercise class since the early days when Les Mills released the format – I started at release 15. We’re now on 38…

Body Balance is not just a stretching, relaxing class – it’s hard work. If you find a class near you, you should try it! You’ll feel taller, stronger, more relaxed and your legs (if you work hard) will feel like jelly after your first session! Oh, and the music is always fab.

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