OK, so I’ve just returned from a great holiday in Texas – the home of everything BIG…and I need to rant…(you knew I’d have to have just one little rant about something :-o).

So, here in the UK we spend a lot of time and energy complaining about the taxes imposed on us car drivers. We think through the MPG and the CO2 emissions – we have to. There are taxes on big cars, cars with high emissions and extra taxes when we drive into congested areas. We’re doing our bit as a society, aren’t we?

Well, if you think of the UK and the size of the island and imagine a bit more land attached…you’ve got Texas. The really scary bit of this is, that for every small engine we buy the Texans buy another truck. Yes, domestic households buy trucks – and there are usually two per household. We’re not talking your Hyundai Tuscon or the BMW X5 – we’re talking massive trucks – Tahoes, F-350s, Tundras etc. They make the 4 x 4s in the UK look like they are minis!

The UK’s efforts are cancelled out by Texas and its truck obsession.

Women who lunch drive trucks, kids learn to drive in trucks, men drive trucks…it’s the norm. And why? Because there’s a fear of getting hit by a truck, so you buy big to make sure you’re not the smallest vehicle on the road. Wow. I’ve never really seen this before, or realised the extent of it.

Petrol here in the UK is three times more expensive than in the US – is that a place to start…?

OK rant over.

(By the way – in case you were wondering…we drove a Mini while we were there. No, not a Mini class from the rental company, but a real Mini from Mini – and at 40mpg, we were still doing our bit. Thanks to A for letting us borrow her wonderful wheels).

One thought on “Trucks

  1. As an American, can I say I COMPLETELY agree with you. It’s embarassing that we’re so behind when it comes to driving sensibly.

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