3BTs – Anticipation, lists, and countdown

There’s a bit of a theme here:

1. Anticipation – pure and simple – for something that’s just outside my reach (for today anyway).

2. Making lists of things to take with me on holiday and things to do before I go…cat sitters, light timers, cancel the veg man, put out the bins etc.

3. Counting down to the holiday…two working days four sleeps to go. And with the usual “this time next week” comments for good measure.

Burning bridges

There’s always a lot of talk about people burning bridges. Today I’ve had my eyes opened to this in quite a big way. I’ve heard through a long-lost contact about a previous employer and some of the things that have been done since we left a former company. It’s amazing that people burn bridges in a big way… The old colleague of mine (long-lost contact) will never work for this previous employer again…because of professional integrity or rather the lack of it.

We’ve had an example of that here recently. And it amazes me still. We can all work together harmoniously, but people forget that when they leave…and say the strangest things about former colleagues to other people, thinking they won’t find out? Or maybe hoping it will do them some professional damage…? You have to wonder about that.


It’s been a while since I last wrote on here – life just got busy. If it’s not something to do with work, then it’s running or getting away from work to have some fun.

Running is going well, although I finally took AJ’s advice and went to see the asthma clinic about the wheezing. It’s back. After seven/eight years without an inhaler, doing quite nicely, I have asthma again. Peak flow = terrible. Back to the preventer twice a day (not as bad as last time) and then the blue one for emergencies or before I run. It actually explains quite a lot about my running – all that pain and discomfort during the colder days running outside…where I thought it was just getting used to something non-airconditioned… 

 I went back to the gym this week after a three-month break and it was bizarre going back. All very normal in the gym – but it was weird for me. I got quite used to being outside…but with the colder days and dark evenings – I don’t like running on my own, so the gym is a must. I’ll still try to run (outside) at the weekend though – avoiding mud obviously 😉

Monday next week sees the start of a two week break…we’re off to see friends in Houston for most of the time. I’m really looking forward to it. I think time off is really needed right now – especially with all the rubbish that’s been going on at work for the past few months. We’re going to spend time relaxing, swimming, running, shopping, doing the tourist thing, shopping, golf, shopping and did I mention, shopping?

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had some good time with some good friends – which has been lovely. Out for dinner and golf with them – which is a laugh on one hand, and really good fun on the other. I played a round of 9-holes on Sunday with two other ladies – which was great. The first time I’ve played golf with other girls. Both have played a lot less golf than me outside the range – so it was interesting for them. Play was slow, but improved as we progressed around the course. A few more Sundays with sunshine, no rain and we’ll all be doing great. Can’t wait for the next round!

I did manage to lose four balls though…! Not because I hit bad shots, but because the yellow golf balls I play will get lost in the yellow leaves that are falling from the trees. I think for the winter, at least, I need very deep pink or white golf balls…