Excuse(s) of the day…

Status Update:

  • One sales person resigned
  • One sales person off sick
  • One sales person at meetings
  • One sales person…?

He came into the office this morning, stayed for an hour and a half and he’s “popped out” again. This time he’s been gone for over four hours. Wonder what excuse it will be today?

Friday went along the lines of “I had no intention of coming to the office before 2pm as I had arrange to visit a car that’s in storage…near Gatwick.” So, he left the office at around 11am and returned at 2:30pm. Oh joy.

These people get paid a full-time wage for a part-time job.

Remind me…how does that work?

Dear Mr CEO,

I am writing to ask for a transfer of role. I would like to try my hand at sales in your organisation as it seems to be a pretty good game. The hours and pay appear to be a much better option than any of the other full time roles in the UK office and no matter what I do I seem to get help anyway, so it’s definitely the easy option.

For example, one of the sales team never works before 9:30 in the morning, another takes a regular 3-hour lunch, one never comes into the office (unless forced) and none of them seem to do a full working week despite being paid lots and lots of money.

Please consider my application. I will glady work half the hours I do now for one and a half times my current salary.


The rest of the office.

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