…to the holidays. It’s less than a month now until we get to jet off into the sunset for a well-earned break. In the meantime, counting down the days and working out how to get through the next few weeks is the challenge. Before we go off on holibags, I’ll go home to Scotland for a few days to catch up with family – and see what’s new in the Glen.

We had the CEO in town this week and Sunday night saw us at dinner for a “cards on the table discussion”. It left us both feeling cold and deflated. Oh boy. So what happens now. With the MD off sick after collapsing last week, one sales person down and lots of stuff to do…where’s the leadership? Who’s driving the team forward?

Got home yesterday after a long day at the office and went for a run. Not a long run by any stakes, but a very different run. It was harder – we ran harder. The section of the park that I was running in 9-10 mins is now taking 6-7 mins. I’m more comfortable with the run – it feels better. But, and it’s a big but…the temperature has changed significantly which has affected my breathing. Last night, while my heart rate was steady and I felt comfortable, my lungs were screaming. It took three hours to ease…ouch. I haven’t had an inhaler for ten years – last night is the first time I felt I could have done with one. NOT GOOD!

We ran much later in the evening than we have been doing and felt the temperature drop on the way around. Need to watch that…


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