3BTs – Sister, red wine, talk

1. Chatting with my sister – in a way you don’t really chat to someone else.

2. Opening a bottle of really good red wine. The ritual of removing the foil, uncorking the bottle and the glug glug of the first glass…not to mention the taste of the first sip. Yum.

3. That’s it, just talk. Being able to spend time with someone you respect at work and then realise that you can talk about so much more than just work…

Rolling into the weekend

It’s been a weird week this week; little time to blog, little time to think or to do anything. I’ve caught up with two friends on facebook, but how or when, I’m not too sure (BTW facebook? WTF?).

Work has been really crazy – a couple of days of the surreal nonsense we always get at work and then, things got really crazy. Thursday arrives, a day to plan for the impending visit from our CEO and bang – events take over! Meeting started at 09:30 with no real agenda or direction from “the leader”…so, (clearly wearing my bossy pants) I bossed people around and suggested a path forward. At breaktime we (m.d.) talked about morning sickness (don’t ask) as he wasn’t feeling well and the next thing I’m yelling at the guys in the office to give me a hand as he’d collapsed.

A trip to hospital later – he’s off sick for a wee while. Blood pressure sky high and tingling down the left hand side… We’ll see how things shake from here.

Sunday means dinner with the CEO, Monday we present. Let’s see what the week brings.

With all this excitement and hard work – there’s been little time for golf… I did get to run and had a great time. I enjoyed running in the country park and found a couple of different routes to try out. I’m still running uphill for the first section of my run, it seems easier to do that. Then for the second section, I get to run downhill…iPod Shuffle set to play my “run” playlist and I don’t notice the time going by. 

It’s a pretty good run and a great way to end the working day, but as the nights draw in, I’m getting a little uncomfortable running on my own. As the light drops, running alone through heathland is probably not the best idea…! I have to remember this is Surrey, not the hills around Pitlochry.

I’m hoping to play golf with one of the other ladies this weekend…fingers crossed!