Golfing weekend

That’s another weekend gone šŸ˜¦

Friday after work we played golf at Lavender Park. I was awful. Nothing felt right. It actually seemed as though we were played the first game of the year. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve not played regularly over the summer. I was frustrated at my lack of ability to get the right distance, to chip onto the green with any accuracy and then to putt…

Saturday we had a great day – which was topped off nicely by another round of golf – this time at Windlemere. Again, I was awful. My tee shots didn’t line up, I topped the ball on numerous occasions and I was just annoyed with myself. By the end of the round, on the longest hole, I worked out what the biggest problem was…I was too tense. My shoulders, my hands and arms all tensed up, so much so that I was trying too hard and getting nowhere very fast.

I did go out and by a hybrid after the game, and in the process smashed one of the machines in Am Golf šŸ˜¦ I don’t think I’ll be showing my face there for a very long time!

Sunday we went to a Christening in Sussex – a really lovely do. The baby was delightful throughout the church service and the rest of the day. The weather held and was beautiful for the drive back with the roof down…

Home, quick change and out for golf again! Fantastic. Not the best scoring round I’ve ever had, but some of the best tee shots ever. On the last hole, a 402-yard par 4 – I was on the green in 3 and then putted for a 5! Fantastic! The hybrid was brilliant…

Golf – frustrating, fun, challenging, sometimes a disaster, but highly addictive!


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