Over the past week I’ve had lots of interaction with various babies… My god-daughter, and the two daughters of friends – staying with me while building work is completed on their house.

My god-daughter is adorable. She was one year old last week – and at her party was delightful! Today she got a call from her agency and did a “test” with Andie McDowell for a film she’s working on in London! Unbelievable…! My god-daughter! I just hope they make sure she’s dressed in pink!

And the other babies in the house are so lovely. The little one (7 months) is just so cute. Bad teething pain made her a little grisly on and off, but that’s completely understandable. And, when she does smile or gurgle at you…awww. The big one (25 months) is such a character! Full of fun, mischief starting in very tiny doses…but it’s there.

It’s been a real pleasure having them to stay and the house is very quiet without them. But, having two so small means that their parents have a lot of hard work.

G posted recently that expectations change when you have children – he’s so right…
But, what’s really clear as a non-parent is that remembering why you (parents) are together, what you love about each other, and that you have to make time for each other, fun, friends etc. is the key to surviving the early years. 

Recent blog entries

I apologise that work has dominated somewhat… I think work is on the mind rather a lot. It’s all the nonsense that goes with it. Oh dear.

I intend to rectify the recent posts (aka rants) about work over the coming days. I have other activities going on which will distract me from the torrent of excuses from the office!

Like running…and golf…and babies…and a bank holiday weekend!