Sales people…grrrr

Three meetings organised for one day…so what happens? (Bearing in mind that I’ve never worked anywhere quite like this! We feed our sales people approximately 90 meetings, yes, meetings per quarter)…

  1. The first meeting was qualified out ‘you don’t need a solution costing £150k’ – was how that one went
  2. The second was post-poned until later in the month – not actually sure why?
  3. The third…flights were booked, the sales person turned up to the flight, it was delayed and the sales person missed the meeting…

So, from £1,000 spent on appointment setting – one meeting is still to be had.

It’s a joke – but I’m not laughing.

Lunchtime giggles

Today’s been a good day.

Started the day a little tired – having been out until late last night (at the Goo Goo Dolls gig – which was fantastic). Not only did they play lots from the new album (well, last year’s new album :-), but loads of their older music. You could tell that many in the audience have only recently been able to call themselves Goo Goo Dolls fans from the blank faces as Robbie and Jon launched into the likes of ‘Disconnected, Slave Girl’ – and other tracks from ‘A Boy Named Goo’… Lots of the good stuff played – including Name, Acoustic #3, Broadway and Iris, of course. This is the third time I’ve seen them live in just over a year, and while Iris was fantastic (and should be heard live) last night does not compare with the concert in Brixton last year. Reznik was so shocked last year when the audience took over and sang Iris back to him – now, the band is used to a UK crowd and play to it. The audience’s rendition of the first verse of Iris was cool…

Work today has been ok. Had a good chat with one of the guys to sort out some of the things we’re working on and then all of us (that is five – ooooooooooooooh) went to lunch at the Stag and Hounds…two pints (for the guys), chips and other food later we’re giggling all the way back to the office. it makes a change to see people so animated during the day. We’ve managed a pub lunch every week for the past three weeks and it’s been really good. It’s starting to feel like a fun place again, despite the holidays and despite all the other trials and tribulations! Let’s see if we can kick everyone into a decent shape.