Local pubs…

As we venture out at lunchtimes I’ll rate the pubs we visit…I’ll follow the bfp rating system (I hope that’s ok with G?)

So far we’ve had lunch/drinks after work at:

The Old Manor, Bracknell – (3/5) – It’s a Wetherspoons pub, so the usual menu is available. Good for a cheap lunch and good if there’s a group of you wanting a quick lunch. A selection of beers and wines, but nothing extraordinary.

The Stag & Hounds, Binfield – (4/5) – Really good food, nice garden, small corners inside to hide in. Guest ales on the day we went included Waggledance…yum. Menu was pretty good too – offers a selection of modest/substantial plates. Well worth a visit and of course, no smoking throughout!

The White Hart, Winkfield(?) – (4/5) – Good food, nice menu, changes regularly. Seems to be a big lunch time trade – worth a visit. Apparently there’s a nice garden for al fresco dining, but it rained the day we were there. Small & quaint!

The Cricketers, Winkfield(?) – (3/5) – Ahem…not as good as it once was. This place had a reputation for good food, excellent bbqs in summer and a good atmosphere. It’s not like that now… Let’s watch and see what happens, but don’t rush back…

More reports from others can be found at:


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