Sunday running

Yep, yesterday saw me in a grumpy mood, so rather than open a bottle of wine and pour myself steadily into a stupor, I went for a run. I took a different route around the country park again this time. The park itself is quite pretty – lots of tracks winding around a small bit of countryside – wedged between two villages… lots of gorse, bracken & other heathland plants etc. The route I take varies, although I tend to start going uphill… The first part is always a bit of a struggle until I find my pace and then, when I’ve completed the first 3 minutes of uphill, I get to turn and head downhill. Yesterday, iPod playing, sun shining, I ran a middle section of 9-minutes. That’s good going, by my standards. OK so most of it is downhill on gravel tracks, and I probably don’t run (D, G, & B would say I’m jogging), but it’s me, running outside, and I’m pleased! Heart rate is getting better, I no longer feel like I’m dying and I’m actually starting to enjoy it. The bits I don’t like are the flies, the piles of dog s*** (left by uncaring owners and their pooches), gangs of kids on bikes and brambles!

I’m still sort of following the program, but wondering whether I should just run and run…forget the walking in between bits! Am I ready for that?


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