Weekends, Sunday drivers, and that Sunday feeling

I’m sure you know what it’s like. You look forward to the weekend so much, that when it’s here, there’s no way it can live up to the expectation you’ve set for it. Something to do with domestic chores, disappointing weather and…no matter where you go – Sunday drivers.

Sent to try us all, Sunday drivers take to the roads (on a weekend, not just a Sunday) thinking it’s ok to drive everywhere at 40mph, to not indicate, to sit happily at green lights while the rest of us wait (somewhat impatiently) to get going. Argh. I had to go to the supermarket today for a couple of things and was astounded to see a woman giving her daughter a driving lesson in the car park…among people’s cars!!

To top it all, I’ve got that Sunday feeling.  Enough said.


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