So, the run yesterday was good – I really enjoyed it. Tonight I’m playing golf with a friend – I’m looking foward to it.

But…the fall down the stairs, combined with the run last night have caught up with me. I’m sore. Not the back of my legs (from running) but, the bits I landed on during the fall. It’s particularly bad when I walk downstairs. Ouch…Do you think I could use this as an excuse for working from home tomorrow? After all, why am I here (with the core team) when ‘the others’ just ‘can’t be bothered to turn up’? At least my expectations have been lowered significantly…I now know that to expect one sales person to turn up more than one day a week is about the right level for reality…

There’s a website called which has some of the funniest posters…all to do with lowering expectations. I think this site is possibly the inspiration for our highly motivated sales team! My favourite poster today is the one called ‘Leaders’. Check it out, pick your favourite and let me know the reason…


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