Running today…!

Yes, I know I fell downstairs. Yes, I know I should probably take it easy, but…I went for a run. Out came the Mizunos, the heart rate monitor and yes, the new iPod Shuffle.

So, according to the running program we’ve been following today should have been a bit of a complicated run – timings between walks, runs, walks, runs etc. in a particular order. But, I couldn’t remember what to do after the first part, so I did my own thing…

I ran for 90 secs, walked for 90, ran for 8 mins, walked for 3 mins, ran for 4 mins, walked for one, ran for 5 mins then walked back across the bridge and home.

The Shuffle performed perfectly and provided a a great selection of music on the way around. It’s a fantastic piece of technology…

First I had an iPod Mini – my only problem was my music collection grew too quickly…

Then I got a 5th gen iPod – it’s not full, but the music collection is growing 🙂

And now, I have a Shuffle – just for running…

Is there talk of a 6th gen iPod? 
Will I buy the iPhone ?(well, definitely not if Orange don’t support them!).

Keep me away from the Apple Store…well, maybe not until I buy a protective case for the Shuffle…


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