Kick-off Q3 – updated

Thursday last week saw the Q3 kick-off at a local hotel, with team-building at a local golf course. The day itself was ok. The usual frustrations surfaced – a bit of a p***ing contest between sales – but nothing unusual. The lack of urgency, I feel, is now our biggest obstacle.

The team-building was a laugh. Only four people who ‘play’ golf on a regular basis and nine others who don’t or have never played! Lessons to start and then nine holes… Team-building it was! My team came in a joint second – despite me not hitting a decent shot off the tee the whole round! My putting and chip shots to the green were great though – my short game really helped our overall score! Our instructor, Simon, was a fantastic help to us all around the game – helping the newbies with club choices, swing, alignment etc. and helping me with practical advice. Hampered by awful weather, we trudged on – driven by the desire to reach the club house!

The ninth hole was perfect! P hit a great shot off the tee which landed just on the longer grass at the side of the green. I chipped in for what would have been a two (birdie) but R didn’t remove the pin and the ball hit the pin and bounced back a few centimeters…Argh! All four of us would have fallen on our knees…but it was too muddy. We finished the round on a parr – and on a great high!

The evening’s dinner was interesting. The food was average. The wine flowed…almost too liberally! And the music encouraged a little bit of sillyness. To read more about that check out:

Needless to say, today is another day. It’s Monday, so it’s a sales meeting day. What joy!


Vegetables from outside the UK. Yes, they are cheap…but are they better? And, the cost in air freight (carbon!) what is that doing to us?

I’ve recently started getting my vegetables through the local organic delivery scheme again. I gave up for a while as I am never home to collect the deliveries…but I think the risk of them sitting on my doorstep is not as bad as going to the local supermarket and being faced with cheap, air freighted, veggies from far off African, Asian, or hot European climates. But, what of those countries? How do they produce such cheap fruit and veg? Slave labour? Child labour? What are we doing? What damage do we encourage by continuing to buy cheap veg? Why don’t we support local produce more?

Last week I went to my local supermarket to get a few extra veg for the weekend. My requirements were simple: Organnic veg from the UK. In the whole shop, I found three things that were UK produced and non were Organic.

 I won’t be going back there in a hurry for veg or fruit.

My box delivery yesterday consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, broad beans, plums, apples, spinach, cabbage, mushrooms and one luxury imported organic item – pineapple… Most of it UK produced (with the exception of the pineapple :-p). No screaming children, no veg/fruit from countries that are devoid of taste or texture – a much more civilised way to shop.

With all the rain we’re having at the moment local farms are suffering with problem trying to plant out the next lot of crops, but, with a (long, hot) late summer, we should all be enjoying the delights of UK grown produce well into the Winter months…

Boycott the supermarket’s tasteless rubbish…

Try either of these links for good quality Orangic produce (mainly UK grown):

There are more, but these are the two I shop with. Both a little different in how they operate, but very flexible. Abel & Cole allows you to select your least favourite items so that you never get them – whereas Riverford doesn’t yet offer this service. For me it’s not that big a deal…

3BTs – Fake, photos, wine-tasting

1. Fake tan is just great. Lots of rain around – and yet I’m developing a nice tan. Moisturiser containing fake tan, even better!

2. A friend asked if I would mind her throwing out some old photos of me (fat me) together with my ex and replacing them with new photos and new memories… Times have changed. It’s a good thing.

3. A charity wine-tasting to raise funds for Macmillan… Friends, wine, a tutor, champagne, raffles, fun, a bbq and sunshine on a rainy day. What a great way to raise money…drink wine! Hopefully lots of support for a great cause…


So, Friday saw a couple of inicidents of car bombs being planted on the streets of London. They didn’t cause any damage or serious injury and were dealt with by the police…however, Glasgow wasn’t so lucky.

Some idiots (even that’s too good a term for them) decided that the first day of the Scottish school holidays would be a good time to target Scotland’s busiest international airport. Some creepy, weird, freaks drove a vehicle into the terminal at Glasgow airport and it became a fireball. The freakish occupants of the car tried to flee but got caught in the flames and were arrested by the police.

So what happens now? Where do we go from here? Has nothing progressed?

In the gym this morning I saw on Sky News that we’re on ‘critical terror alert’ – AGAIN. What does it solve? They bomb us. We hit back. They bomb us. We hit back. As children we’re taught that that type of behaviour doesn’t actually get us anywhere, that there is no winner – so why does it happen?

Targeting families – children – as they jet off for a summer holiday is despicable. It is truly loathsome. And this act carried out in the name of what??