3BTs – Smoothies, Tom Tom, Friday Evening

1. Homemade smoothies for breakfast. My recipe: soya milk, a tablespoon of yoghurt, a tablespoon of oats soaked in soya milk, mixed frozen fruit and a couple of ice cubes. Blitz in a blender…serve in a glass with a straw. Yummy.

2. Tom Tom is great. Without it I would have got myself into a 6-hour traffic jam in addition to an 8-hour journey home to Mum’s house.

3. Friday evenings are great – home from work, shoes off, drink in hand, relax.

Sister Is Coming Home…

Tomorrow, my sister arrives home. She flies directly into Glasgow airport – so I don’t get to see her at Heathrow/Gatwick before she goes home to Scotland. I toyed with the idea of leaving work tonight, phoning my neighbour to look after the cats, and then just driving home. It would have been a nice surprise for both my parents and my wee sis. But… as I was stuck in traffic I checked Tom Tom to see what the traffic would be like on the 500 mile journey. The prediction was a mean 14h 53min drive time. Traffic – a nightmare? You think?

By the time I got there she would be arriving at Glasgow…which would mean another 3- hour round trip… Does it make me an awful sister because I’m not going to do that journey?

I can’t wait to see her. To catch up. To laugh. To talk about stuff that only sisters talk about.