Excuse of the day…

A new feature of my blog…

Every time our wonderful sales team introduce a new excuse for leaving early/not coming to the office and/or being late in – I’ll record it here.

Today’s excuses:

  • I need to pick up my car
  • I’ve got someone coming to look at my boiler today

I’m waiting for “the wrong type of rain”. Let’s face it, it’s going to happen!

Cold All Over

Have you ever had that feeling when something happens – it feels like the blood is draining from your body starting at your head and moving down. It leaves you feeling cold all over. You’re slightly dizzy or light-headed. And, you feel empty with it. I hate this feeling.

Today, I had this feeling. It wasn’t triggered by something had happened today, but a memory. Yes, a memory. I felt awful. I also had flashbacks to the event and it has been playing on my mind ever since. I want it to go away.