Favourite Excuses

ThereĀ is a core group of us that turns up to the office everyday. Of this team, some of us regularly put in 10-hour days, others do the full day and some a little bit more. Most of us will go the extra mile when it’s needed.

And then, there are “the others”.

These people ‘choose’ to come to the office when it suits them (to raise perception), but only onĀ their terms. We, the team, have started talking about our favourite excuses for not being in the office…here are just a sample of those that have been uttered recently:

  • I felt a bit tired today, so I’m not coming in
  • My boiler is broken so I need to go back home again
  • There’s been a crash on the M25
  • It’s too quiet and there’s no atmosphere

Being that our core values are: Teamwork, Excellence, Customer Orientation, Innovation and Integrity we’re beginning to wonder whether we should come up with an alternative list:

  • apathy
  • tardiness
  • deceit
  • niggardlyness (if that’s a word!?!?!)

I am sure as time goes on we will come up with more!