Week whatever…run number?

Last night’s run was ok. Yes, ok. It’s moved up to a walk, followed by a 90/90, 3min/3min, 90/90, 3min/3min plus the usual warm-up/cool-down portions and it really was ok. Last week it felt like my chest would explode, but last night was good (for me anyway ;-)). I can actually say, I enjoyed it. And, I wanted to run some more. Ahem, I didn’t really say that.

Today, should be a golf day, but “I” is not fit to play. Can we, should we run instead? Probably not, but I feel the desire to run.

I did not really say any of that, did I?
There is no way that I could enjoy running…well, not outside anyway? (Helps that it was sunny and warm, I guess)

The instructor

Last night, after my run, I went out to get some bits from the supermarket. While there, I bumped into my golf instructor…the old one. It was an interesting conversation, one that led to a discussion about my golf and how it’s going. He was quite shocked when I told him of my recent success at Lavender Park and that I beat “I” in a round of nine…

I told him about hitting the pin on the 9th and putting for a birdie…he didn’t believe me. Full stop.

I have one more lesson with him – already paid for. It’s going to be interesting!