Golf lesson

On Monday this week “I” and me had a golf lesson with Simon. What a fantastic lesson. During one hour, I picked up more tips about my swing than I have in all the lessons with my other instructor.

It just makes sense. The swing from out to in. The position of my left hand – in line with the head of the club. My balance – or lack of it.

One of the most interesting things we found is that when I play wearing my glasses, I often top the ball or duff the shot completely. Then, without glasses (whether I wear lenses or not!) I generally manage to hit long and straight. Bizarre coincidence? No. Apparently it’s to do with the position of my head and neck. With glasses on I “stoop” and “hunch” to enable me to see through the glass. Without them, it’s much easier for me to “see” the ball without trying to avoid the frames…

 Strange but true. Little quirks. Oddities. Frustrations. Yes, that’s golf!

Tonight I went with a friend to introduce her to golf at the range. It was great. By the end of it – just practicing a half swing with a pitching wedge, she was hitting most of the balls 50-75 yards…straight! I think she’s got the bug!

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