Sunday’s golf in the sun

After an appalling round (for me personally) during the team-building, we decided to play the course again yesterday. The sun came out and the wind dropped, so we loaded up the car and headed out.

It was a great round. I kept in mind all of the tips and hints that the two instructors had mentioned on Thursday and played my best round ever. I went round that course knocking nine of my personal best to date! Stunning. On the ninth I hit a great shot with a six iron – 123 yards onto the green – straight down the fairway and hit the pin!!!! I putted in for a birdie – my first ever!

I had a great round with some lovely tee shots on the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eigth too. Don’t know why, but everything just seemed to work. The tee shots – straight and onto the green (or in some cases, just beyond!), and then putting out. Putting still not quite there – but a damn sight better than I have done in the past.

Today we’re having a lesson with Simon. Tomorrow, perhaps another round?

Right now, I’m still grining from yesterday’s game. Not because I’m competitive – because I’m not – but because I’m pleased with the improvements I’m making.

Kick-off Q3 – updated

Thursday last week saw the Q3 kick-off at a local hotel, with team-building at a local golf course. The day itself was ok. The usual frustrations surfaced – a bit of a p***ing contest between sales – but nothing unusual. The lack of urgency, I feel, is now our biggest obstacle.

The team-building was a laugh. Only four people who ‘play’ golf on a regular basis and nine others who don’t or have never played! Lessons to start and then nine holes… Team-building it was! My team came in a joint second – despite me not hitting a decent shot off the tee the whole round! My putting and chip shots to the green were great though – my short game really helped our overall score! Our instructor, Simon, was a fantastic help to us all around the game – helping the newbies with club choices, swing, alignment etc. and helping me with practical advice. Hampered by awful weather, we trudged on – driven by the desire to reach the club house!

The ninth hole was perfect! P hit a great shot off the tee which landed just on the longer grass at the side of the green. I chipped in for what would have been a two (birdie) but R didn’t remove the pin and the ball hit the pin and bounced back a few centimeters…Argh! All four of us would have fallen on our knees…but it was too muddy. We finished the round on a parr – and on a great high!

The evening’s dinner was interesting. The food was average. The wine flowed…almost too liberally! And the music encouraged a little bit of sillyness. To read more about that check out:

Needless to say, today is another day. It’s Monday, so it’s a sales meeting day. What joy!