So, Friday saw a couple of inicidents of car bombs being planted on the streets of London. They didn’t cause any damage or serious injury and were dealt with by the police…however, Glasgow wasn’t so lucky.

Some idiots (even that’s too good a term for them) decided that the first day of the Scottish school holidays would be a good time to target Scotland’s busiest international airport. Some creepy, weird, freaks drove a vehicle into the terminal at Glasgow airport and it became a fireball. The freakish occupants of the car tried to flee but got caught in the flames and were arrested by the police.

So what happens now? Where do we go from here? Has nothing progressed?

In the gym this morning I saw on Sky News that we’re on ‘critical terror alert’ – AGAIN. What does it solve? They bomb us. We hit back. They bomb us. We hit back. As children we’re taught that that type of behaviour doesn’t actually get us anywhere, that there is no winner – so why does it happen?

Targeting families – children – as they jet off for a summer holiday is despicable. It is truly loathsome. And this act carried out in the name of what??