Best Round…

One of us had a problem today and so we were unable to run after work.
I was a little disappointed, as I don’t want the training program to slip, but ‘I’ came up with a plan to do something else…play a round of nine holes. So, on the day before the longest day of the year, we played a round of nine at a local course into the late evening. The weather was a little breezy, but fine and sunny for the most part. The course was good, not too muddy despite the recent rain. At least the bunkers were sand this time and not mini water hazards like the last time I played there. The greens started off fast, but as we got around to the last few holes they were slowing up…

Both of us went round achieving our best scores at that course – ever. I shaved seven off my previous best! That’s pretty good for me.
I only lost one ball – for a change, but I did lose it in the same place as last time – straight into the lake on the second…
On the hole called “The Lake” I cleared the lake for the first time ever…and then managed to score my best of the round.

A few niggles on the way – the couple in front of us acted like total idiots at the 5th which really shouldn’t have happened. People don’t repair their pitch marks on the greens – which meant that one of my chips onto the green (at the ninth) just rolled a couple of inches and then stuck in someone else’s mark!!!

Needless to say, the clubs are now in the back of the car, waiting for another opportunity like yesterday.

As for the running, the plan is to get up early tomorrow morning…and to then run at the weekend. We’re hoping a) that the weather holds b) that we’re actually awake early enough in the morning to complete a run!

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