Today’s Run

Friday today…I had meetings all day in London and got home late. The slow train to nowhere took forever to get home…but, we went out again tonight. For the third time this week we ran for just over 30 mins as part of the 5k training program we’re following. I don’t know whether it’s because today is Friday, or whether it’s because we ran later in the day (and it was colder) or whether it’s my imagination, but tonight was hard work. The time between intervals passed really quickly. The running seemed to last longer…but…and this is the good bit… I managed to get through the whole thing without feeling like someone was standing on my ribcage!! I got to the point where I was comfortably holding a conversation (thanks for the tip!) without gasping for air… And, on the section where we didn’t have a conversation I was struggling again. And finally, my heart rate is dropping rapidly after I stop running – which is just great.

Progress? Perhaps…

Next week sees the training program change pace slightly. The intervals will be longer – so we’ll see what it brings for my breathing! And the conversations…!

Tonight, we ran, as normal, beside the MOD firing ranges near the country park. The view across the ranges was amazing – very clear. You could see the city from the top of the hill. It would have been good to have the cameras with us. But, that wouldn’t have been ideal for the run.

Nine weeks to 5k? We shall see!


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