As many of you know, I’m not a runner. I never have been. (Not sure I ever will be). But, always as part of my exercise (and weight loss) programmes, running has played it’s part. On a treadmill. In a gym. Running outside? Ahem, don’t do it that often.

The problem?

Well, as a long term asthma sufferer, I can’t breathe. Or rather, when running outside, I can’t seem to get a breath. I panic. I really want to ask other people how they breathe – but it seems stupid.
So, at the moment I’m running at irregular intervals and I’m doing the wheezing, coughing, almost choking as I run. Does it stop? I’m not really unfit, yet, I come across as though I’m struggling.

Will I improve? Will my breathing ease? Anyone got any tips?


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