Golf – 9 Holes

Played a round of 9 holes earlier this week – with Rugby “I”. Good to catch up and see what he’s been up to…work, relationships, drinking, shopping, style, lingerie and an old fashioned gossip about people we know.

The golf started out well. For the first 5 holes – I was consistent (bad, yes, but much improved over previous outings). Then for the last 4 holes I was awful. So, what happened?

If I had carried on with the same form as the first 5, I would have improved my record by quite a large percentage… But, with a 6, 8, 9 and another 6 – I showed myself up terribly. Again, what happened?

Well, for the first 5 holes, we were so busy chatting and having a bit of a laugh, that we weren’t really concentrating on the golf and it seems we were relaxed. The next 4 holes, we’d finished the gossip part and were spending more time watching our swing, or stance, or addressing the ball. It seemed to get all serious when Rugby “I” realised he’d missed an all important putt…

The moral of the story – forget running through your mental checklist – go out – take a practice swing – hit the damn ball. As soon as you think about it too much, you tense up, get too serious and you mess it up completely.

But then, what do I know???


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