“It’s Broken, What Do I Do Now?”

Oh dear…
Mum has managed, somehow, to break her iPod dock. It’s not getting power to the display or to play the iPod. She’s heartbroken. Her woes were conveyed down the the phone much exasperation at what do do now…and what could I do to fix it. (I live about 500 miles away from my parents!). After much discussion, Mum contacted the number in the booklet (that came with the device), waited 20 mins for some chap to tell her she needs to contact her retailer before getting in touch with the manufacturer…I bought it from the manufacturer direct!
Nevermind. We’ll get there eventually. I am going back to Mum’s soon for a long(er) weekend so I’ll sort it out then.

So, the drive to mum’s will consist of over 500 miles in the new car…longest journey yet. Two fills of petrol (from empty both times?). Two litres of water for me. And possibly several soya lattes along the way! One 9-hour playlist on the iPod – just to make sure… And, for the first part of the journey – factor 15. The roof will definitely be up by the time I get half way through the journey 😀 And, by the time I get to mum’s I’ll need to find a fleece, woolly socks and a hat!

One of the funniest trips to see my parents involved leaving London at 35 degrees – roof down, factor 15 and still getting sunburnt. By the time I got as far as Edinburgh, where I filled up with petrol, I had to find jeans, socks, proper shoes, and a fleece before I could fill the car – I was shaking so much as it was only 12 degrees…

The forecast for here on Friday is: 25 and sunny intervals
The forecast for there on Friday is: 13 and heavy rain

B***** I may need to find my wellies…


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